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Renaming LUNA Hardware to Cynthion

Note: This is a crosspost of a Cynthion update on Crowd Supply:

Until now, the name LUNA has referred both to our USB multitool hardware platform and to the USB gateware framework that supports it. From now on, we want these projects to have separate names. We’ve decided to name the hardware platform Cynthion. The gateware framework will continue to be called LUNA.

Why are we making this change?

This renaming is happening because we have often had conversations, both internally and with external folks, in which we’ve had to say, “Wait. Are you referring to LUNA hardware or LUNA gateware?” Additionally, we’ve repeatedly fielded questions from folks who have been confused about different features supported by the gateware framework vs. the hardware platform. One common point of confusion in conversation is that LUNA gateware supports SuperSpeed USB while the Cynthion hardware does not. Lastly, projects like ORBTrace and Amalthea use the LUNA gateware framework to drive their projects, but they do not benefit from the association with Cynthion. It would be nice for these projects if they could indicate that they are supported by LUNA gateware without making them seem like add-on boards for Cynthion. Meanwhile, Cynthion is no longer just a development platform for the LUNA gateware, it is its own product and we need a name to refer to just the hardware while in conversation.

What happens next?

In the next few weeks, you can expect to see the hardware design files move from the LUNA repository into a new Cynthion repository we will create in the Great Scott Gadgets organization on GitHub. Following that, you will see the hardware documentation migrate into a folder in the Cynthion repository. Before you receive your hardware, Cynthion, its enclosure, packaging, and marketing materials will be updated to reflect the new name.

All LUNA gateware framework materials will remain as they are in the LUNA repository. There should be no need for existing projects to change how they are interfacing with LUNA.

Why the name Cynthion?

When choosing a name for this hardware platform, we wanted to pick something moon-related like LUNA. As we scrolled lists of moon-related words, “apocynthion” and “pericynthion” stood out to us. We played with subwords like “pericynth” but as a team, we eventually settled on Cynthion. The word Cynthion means “related to the moon” and is derived from Cynthia, an alternative name for Selene, the Greek personification of the moon.