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Opera Cake for HackRF

Opera Cake for HackRF is an antenna switching add-on that connects to HackRF One, providing several switchable RF ports that can be controlled from software. It consists of two primary ports each connected to any of eight secondary ports, and it is optimized for use as a pair of 1x4 switches or as a single 1x8 switch. Users can control Opera Cake for HackRF with command-line software or can configure HackRF One for automated switching based on frequency or time. Suggested uses include:

  • connecting multiple antennas for different bands
  • experiments with pseudo-doppler direction finding
  • construction of switchable filter banks

technical information

For open source design files, visit the operacake hardware directory in the HackRF github repository. For documentation, visit the Opera Cake page on the HackRF wiki.