Open Source Ethos - Great Scott Gadgets

Great Scott Gadgets

Open Source Ethos

The mission of Great Scott Gadgets is to put open source tools into the hands of innovative people.

In order to achieve our mission we release all of our hardware designs and accompanying software as open source in the repositories of our GitHub organizations: and; and we hold Open Source Hardware Association certifications for much of our hardware.

We also post our technical reports, SDR with HackRF course, and past projects as open access on our website so anyone can learn from what we have to share.

Our open source ethos extends to any consulting that Great Scott Gadgets takes on. We only accept outside project work where the end result will be released open source so many people can benefit from our efforts.

Focusing on open source grants us the opportunity to make research more accessible, help others excel in their own projects and ambitions, and be open and supportive of our community.