Upcoming Great Scott Gadgets Events

25 May 2017: LangSec Workshop

Embedded Nom: a case study of memory safe parsing in resource constrained environments

Richo Healey will present work done with Dominic Spill implementing safe parsers in embedded Rust on GreatFET.

16–18 June 2017: REcon Montreal

Reverse Engineering DSSS

Michael Ossmann will describe effective techniques for detection and reverse engineering of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio systems.

22–27 July 2017: Black Hat USA

Software Defined Radio

Registration is open for two sessions of Michael Ossmann's two day SDR class in Las Vegas.

What's on the Wireless? Automating RF Signal Identification

Dominic Spill and Michael Ossmann will demonstrate the latest advances in rapid, open source spectrum monitoring with Software Defined Radio, including automated tools for identification of rogue radio transmissions.

4–8 August 2017: SHA2017

FaceDancer 2.0

Kyle Temkin and Dominic Spill will demonstrate USB hacking using the next generation FaceDancer project and GreatFET hardware.