Trademark Statement - Great Scott Gadgets

Great Scott Gadgets

Trademark Statement

The following are trademarks of Great Scott Gadgets:

  • Great Scott Gadgets
  • the GSG gears logo
  • Ubertooth
  • Ubertooth One
  • Ubertooth Two, etc.
  • Throwing Star LAN Tap
  • Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit
  • Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro
  • the Throwing Star LAN Tap shape
  • HackRF
  • HackRF One
  • HackRF Two, etc.
  • YARD Stick
  • YARD Stick One
  • YARD Stick Two, etc.
  • GreatFET
  • GreatFET One
  • GreatFET Two, etc.
  • hardware for hackers
  • Cynthion

Permission is granted to use certain of the above trademarks according to terms stated in their respective projects: