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Acrylic Case for GreatFET

Clear Acrylic Case for GreatFET

This case is designed to expose the pin headers on your GreatFET One, allowing you to protect your main board while easily stacking neighbors. It is sold separately from GreatFET One in recyclable packaging and comes with all of the hardware required to assemble it. As a bonus, we also include a GreatFET One pinout reference sticker for your laptop or workstation. And as if that wasn’t enough, we have also included stacking standoffs so that the top panel of the case can be used to protect some neighbors (neighbors with high profile components will not accommodate the top panel).


Acrylic Case for GreatFET One is available from:

Technical Information

Design files for this case can be found on GitHub.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions
  1. Insert one long screw into each corner of the bottom acrylic panel. Secure each long screw with a short (5 mm) spacer on the opposite side of the panel.

  2. Place the GreatFET One circuit board (facing up) on top of the bottom panel, fitting the ends of the long screws through the corner mounting holes of the circuit board.

  3. Secure the circuit board with one long (6 mm) spacer in each corner.

  4. Place the top acrylic panel on top of the circuit board, aligning the cutouts with the circuit board’s expansion headers.

  5. Secure each corner with a short screw.


Open source hardware certification number US000173

The Acrylic Case for GreatFET One is certified open source hardware.