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Ubertooth Release 2014-02-R2

After a very long break, we are pleased to announce a new release of Ubertooth and libbtbb code. Release notes are given below but for those short on time, the summary is: a major update with complete rewrites of the libbtbb API, greatly improved BTLE support and a migration to GitHub. You can find the release here.

Release Notes

The Ubertooth host utilities in this release require libbtbb-2014-02-R2 or greater.

The release archive is ubertooth-2014-02-R2.tar.xz, it contains binary firmware images and PCB layouts as well as the project source code. The source code links do not include the binary files.

These are just the highlights, for a complete list of changes since the previous release, see the git commit log.

  • Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) Support

    • Promiscuous and follow modes
    • Pcap format packet logging
    • Pairing / encryption support when paired with crackle
    • Credit for BLE features goes to Mike Ryan
  • Unified host tool for monitoring Basic Rate

    • ubertooth-rx replaces -lap, -uap, -hop tools
    • Once UAP is discovered, ubertooth-rx automatically tries to find clock values and begin hopping
    • Thanks to Will Code for working on this
  • Survey tool - ubertooth-scan

    • Combining both Ubertooth and a standard Bluetooth dongle
    • Ubertooth scans for non-discoverable master devices
    • Dongle probes devices for piconet information and features
  • Cmake now used for the build system

    • Improves support for non-Linux operating systems
    • More sensible handling of dependencies
    • New build instructions
  • Packaging (Experimental)

    • Early stage support for packaging systems
    • libbtbb in Homebrew repository, Ubertooth coming soon
    • MacPorts availability is under test
    • Release already available in Pentoo
  • GitHub migration

    • libbtbb, Ubertooth and gr-bluetooth all hosted on GitHub
    • Allows for more open development and collaboration model
    • Already seeing an increase in issue reporting and pull requests