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Free Stuff Program Refresh

Free Stuff is a program where we at Great Scott Gadgets give free hardware to a person or group once per month. We’ve been running this program since February 2015 by having interested parties email us their free stuff requests.

Starting now, Great Scott Gadgets has a new Free Stuff Program application process where, instead of emailing us, anyone interested in getting free hardware from Great Scott Gadgets can apply using our new application link. The application link and extra details on the Free Stuff Program are available on our Free Stuff page.

Free Stuff recipients are chosen once per month out of all applications we have received over the last twelve months. We typically give out one piece of hardware free of cost, pay for shipping, and feature Free Stuff recipients on our blog. With this refresh of the Free Stuff Program we are currently at zero applications so now is the best time to apply. We look forward to seeing your applications!