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Great Scott Gadgets

Free Stuff, January 2021–March 2021

January 2021

The first Free Stuff recipient of 2021 is Christos Voutichtis, an artist in Gemany who asked for a HackRF One for his project, Order of Sound. He tells us, “This is an arrangement of five complex antenna receivers which make the electromagnetic waves that permanently surround us audible. This data, which we perceive as sound, is processed in a program (VVVV) that I have designed which enables the analysis to translate them into graphical elements, which are then rendered as an abstract architecture in the form of a real-time projection. The viewer enters an immersive megastructure of abstract data landscapes in a highly aestheticized, scenographic context. The visualization is created as a 3-D virtual Space and allows the participant to wander through emerging data structures.”

February 2021

In February, we received a HackRF One request from Anil Karki, the president of Innovative Ghar Nepal, a non-profit for the development of innovative products and services in Nepal.‘Ghar’ in Nepali means ‘Home’and their organization is a home for students, developers, makers, technologists, and artists to gather to promote, educate, explore, create and share their skills and curiosity. They need their new HackRF One for their autonomous medical drone project.

March 2021

Mike in New Jersey asked us for an early graduation present: a YARD Stick One to develop an app for use in his new job.