Free Stuff, April 2021–June 2021 - Great Scott Gadgets

Great Scott Gadgets

Free Stuff, April 2021–June 2021

April 2021

Eric wrote to us on behalf of the Chaffey High School (Ontario, CA) Tech Club, asking for a HackRF One. He’ll be graduating from the University of Tulsa soon and as a past president of the club, he zooms into the club’s meetings to offer help with computer science and cybersecurity topics. Now he’ll be able to help the students use a HackRF One for their own projects. They’ll also be holding workshops on RC Car Hacking, Listening to and Broadcasting AM/FM Radio Signals, and Mapping Planes with ADS-B Signals.

May 2021

The Free Stuff recipient for May is João Pedro Polito, a student at the Universidade Federal de São João del Rei, Brasil. He needs a HackRF One for a ground station for nanosats and stratospheric balloons.

June 2021

In June, Amy asked us for a HackRF One to explore the intersection of radio and cybersecurity. She’s studying for her CISSP certification and is the only woman in her local Amateur Radio club, so she wants to mentor and encourage others to join the community.